Care Teams offer help to churches, pastors


As churches and individuals continue rebuilding their lives following Hurricane Katrina, not all of the needs are physical. Just as important are the emotional and spiritual needs of survivors.


The Mississippi Conference has trained teams to help. United Methodist Disaster Response Care Ministry Teams are faith-based, on-going teams that are trained to provide spiritual and emotional care following disasters. Care Teams stand solidly in a belief that the church is the body of Christ in the world. Reaching out from the faith community, Care Teams help disaster survivors connect with their personal and community spiritual, emotional, and basic life resources.


While Care Teams do not normally provide traditional individual or on-going counseling, their purpose is:


To say the church cares and offer a listening presence

To reduce the terrible aloneness survivors feel

To connect survivors with long-term disaster recovery systems

Providing support and information about the recovery process and available services

To gather information and broad surveys for those making decisions about disaster recovery

To show interest after media interest has waned

To buoy survivors’ spirits

To support pastors, congregations and communities in the long-term recovery process


For more information or help, call (601) 354-0515, ext. 32.