Letter to the Editor: Humans may be closer to animals than we think



In the May 3 edition of the Mississippi United Methodist Advocate, Bishop Mack Stokes' essay on evolution and creation was very timely and enlightening, but it seems that he is a bit off base when he says that "there are vast oceans between humans and other animals." To make his point, he cites the fact that we humans "speak, hear and understand languages," suggesting that animals are "oceans" away from being able to do likewise.

On the program, Animal Planet, we just heard a parrot singing a beautiful song in response to the language she understood from her owner. Just a casual observation reveals that animals experience emotions like anxiety, sadness, joy, guilt, etc. I have heard pet owners contend that their dog could read their mind, and we know that some of their senses far surpass ours. Maybe we are a lot closer to the other animals than we like to admit!

The way we humans act, such as war, demonstrates that evolution works both ways.

C. E. Swain