Life in the Light


“Live as children of light. . .” — Ephesians 5:8


We gather June 11-14 for Annual Conference at Christ United Methodist Church in Jackson.  “Conference” is a uniquely Wesleyan word, growing over time to embrace geography, time, polity, community.


We conference together; worshipping, celebrating community and making decisions in regard to our shared ministry. We mark time, noting the annual gathering, thinking of conference years, from June to June. We claim the state of Mississippi as our particular place of mission focus, calling our primary unit of organization the Mississippi Conference. Conference is for us a noun, a verb, an adjective. It is through the concept of conference that we live in community with one another in the United Methodist Church.


We also live in connection. We recognize that we are not solitary Christians or solitary congregations. We are connectional  in our polity, in our mission, in our organization. We envision our ministry as a shared ministry, an expanding ministry, an expansive ministry.


As we gather for Annual Conference, we will send forth witnesses to other annual conferences to thank them for their partnership in Katrina response. I will be a part of this sending forth, giving June witness in Santa Fe, Shreveport, Dallas, Philadelphia, Vancouver and Lake Junaluska of the gratitude of the Mississippi Conference for the connection of United Methodist people in ministry. 


Together with all “the people called Methodists” let us live as children of light.