Respect, love make a marriage


The Storyteller

Rev. Huey Wood


Moody Cunningham used to tell the story about the man who got a note from a kidnap­per, and the note read, "You must leave $50,00 under the west end of the bridge going out of town by tomorrow midnight or I will kidnap your wife."


The fellow left a fruit jar in the place with this note: "Mr. Kidnapper, I want you to know I don't have $50,00, but I want you to know that I am very interested in your proposition."


We smile at this little story but really it is not that funny. Actually, it is a very sad thing when marriage doesn't mean any more than this to a husband of a wife; just as soon to be out of it than to be in it. One can just imagine what relationships at that house must be like — not good, I am sure. Our question here is how do these kinds of marriages get like that?


Selfishness can do it. Thanklessness can do it. Fussiness or grouchiness can do it. The feeling that every bad thing that happens is their fault can do it. I read once that there was an explosion inside a house and it was so great and powerful that it blew the man and the woman out the door at the same time. One of the neighbors who saw it said, "That's the first time I've seen them get along on anything."


As a child growing up I can honestly say that not one time, not a single time, never one time did I hear Mom and Dad fuss at each other. Years after I had left home, I mentioned this to Dad, and I asked him if he and Mom ever disagreed over everything. He replied, "Yes, many times, but we didn't argue before you kids."


The man who was willing for someone else to have his wife may not have ever found someone to take her, but he had already lost what it took to have a good marriage (respect and love.) The rest doesn't matter.


Prayer: Father, may we know that “happy is the home when God is there.”

©2002 Huey Wood