Society of St. Andrew offers VBS project


Kids are always excited and often influenced by heroes. The Society of St. Andrew’s 2006 Vacation Bible School mission project, “Heroes Fighting Hunger,” gives them the opportunity to be true heroes themselves. Through daily, biblically-based stories and activities, children learn that there are people who go hungry and what Jesus meant when he said, “You give them something to eat.”

The Society of St. Andrew, a national non-profit hunger relief ministry (Advance #801600), provides a free mission outreach program for churches to use in conjunction with their VBS programs. As VBS kids learn about hunger, they are encouraged to be heroes by donating their nickels and dimes to feed hungry people. Each VBS is challenged to raise at least $50 for the Society of St. Andrew. Each $50 contribution provides nearly 2,500 servings of fresh, nutritious food to hungry Americans.

 “Heroes Fighting Hunger” coordinates nicely with Cokesbury’s 2006 VBS package, plus it can be easily adapted to any VBS theme.

Last year, across the country, 189 churches of all sizes used the Society of St. Andrew’s very popular VBS mission project with great enthusiasm and success. Together, participating children raised enough money to provide nearly 750,000 pounds of fresh produce to feed hungry children and adults through the society’s hunger-relief ministry. On average, each participating VBS raised nearly four times the goal of $50. What a witness and blessing these little children have been to their church families as they heroically answered Jesus’ call to feed the hungry.

Give the children of your church the opportunity to become real heroes fighting hunger. Order a free sample kit of the “Heroes Fighting Hunger” VBS Mission Project today. The kit includes daily stories and activities geared to both younger and older children. All materials are free. There is no obligation.

Contact Susan Allen at the Society of St. Andrew: 800-333-4597, email, or fax your request to 434-299-5949. More information about the Society of St. Andrew and its hunger relief ministry are available at