Be careful not to get treed


The Storyteller

By Rev. Huey Wood

A layman from Florida was the speaker at the New Albany District Lay Rally in the 1960s at Northeast Mississippi Junior College in Booneville.

The mad told about a fellow down in the swamps of Louisiana who had a hunting dog that was so well trained that when the dog treed, he would bark in such a way that he would tell his owner what the dog had treed. The fellows in town didn't buy the story so they finally talked him into letting one of them go hunting with him.

The men took off into the woods and old Sam treed real soon. The old man listened and said, “Ol’ Sam has a possum up a sapling."

Sure enough, he was right. They sent out old Sam again and soon he treed again.

The old fellow listened and said, "Ol’ Sam has a raccoon up a grapevine by a big tree."

Sure enough that's what he had. They sent old Sam out the third time. He old man listened with one ear and then the other. He listened some more and finally said, "Ol’ Sam ain't got nothing this time. Something's got Ole Sam up a tree now."

Here we find a ridiculous story, but there is so much truth in it that after we've laughed, we remember how many times we've been caught up a tree by something we were chasing. An example is the millions of persons who have sought happiness in life in some pleasure, and they allow that pleasure to the point of making themselves a slave. The first thing they know they are up a tree. You see, we are up the tree when that something keeps us from doing other things that we'd really like to, but can't because we are up the tree.

There are lots of people who cannot attend church, attend Sunday school or sing in the choir because they are caught up a tree by chasing a life of fun in this or that. They got caught up a tree while chasing wealth the wrong way.

©2002 Huey Wood