Letter to the Editor: Please don't compare 1 church to another



In your article "Some churches should be embarrassed" (Mississippi United Methodist Advocate, March 1), I wish you as an editor would just make your point and not try to put churches into a good or bad or politically correct or politically incorrect position. If you want to say that churches that have been severely storm damaged or even destroyed should be commended for still paying their apportionments for 2005, then say it. I and many others would salute them as well.

Do not compare one church to another. We are a connectional church so I have heard every time a donation is required. So also are we a connectional church when all churches will have insurance available this year as our increase in insurance rates will attest. So it seems to me that you should say, as a connectional system the conference received 98 percent of the apportionments, not that this church did this and that church did that.

In addition, do not insinuate that all apportionment items setup by our conference are of equal value. For they are not of equal worth, and if a congregation has reason to select one item they deem not worthy, so be it.

Michael Wm. Yakstis

Mt. Pleasant UMC, Crystal Springs