Calhoun City church goes holistic


By Mack Spencer


CALHOUN CITY – Most people view churches as places to work on their spiritual selves.

Lewis Memorial United Methodist Church is trying to work on the physical body, too.

“The Mississippi Conference is pushing for healthier lifestyles, especially among the clergy,” said Lewis Memorial pastor Scott Wright. “We’ve been told to look for ways to offer healthier lifestyles for our congregations, too.”

The church has created a wellness ministry, headed by retired nurse Barbara Bryant, to help church members find ways to live healthier lives. The first major act by the ministry’s committee was to have a booth at the county health fair in February.

“We plan to have a blood drive later in the spring,” Bryant said. “We want to have an event each quarter.”

The committee is also checking calendars for special health-related months and putting information on those or other health topics in the weekly church bulletins and the monthly newsletter mailed to church members.

One change may come at potluck dinners, where dishes like fried chicken are a mainstay in the South. “We’ll tell people to go ahead and bring their fried chicken,” Wright said. “We’ll ask some people to bring baked chicken, too.

“We need to remember that our bodies are temples,” he said. “I like to joke that some temples are bigger than others. But, if we remember that we are the body of Christ, we have a responsibility to take care of our bodies. Our motto is, ‘God helping people through people.’ We need to offer more than worship.”