Meridian UMVIM receives volunteer award for ramp project


Meridian District Volunteers in Mission built its first wheelchair ramp in 1999. Close to 300 ramps later, the team has been chosen Volunteers of the Year by LIFE of Mississippi.

Ramp project leader the Rev. Dr. Owen Gordon and his wife Marie Gordon of the DeKalb Parish accepted the award at the group’s banquet luncheon March 17 in Jackson.

Since building that first ramp, the Meridian volunteers have built 272 ramps and have 22 clients on a waiting list. The ramps are built onto the homes of the disabled or seniors who need assistance. VIM completed 58 projects in 2005, 79 in 2004 and 57 in 2003.

Some 55 of the projects completed since 1999 were referrals from LIFE (Living Independence For Everyone), an advocacy and support organization for the disabled. All projects are free to the recipient. Donations cover the cost of materials.

Jerry Fox is the Meridian District coordinator for Volunteers in Mission. The Rev. Andy Ray is the district superintendent.