Bud Robinson's prayer


The Storyteller

Rev. Huey Wood

O Lord, give me a backbone as big as a sawlog and ribs like the sleepers under the church. Put iron shoes on my feet along with galvanized britches. Hang a wagon load of determination upon the gable end of my soul and help me to sign a contract to fight the devil as long as I've got a fist and to bite him as long as I've got a tooth and then gum him 'til I die. Amen.

My, what a prayer. Better still, what a man it would take to desire such a life. But so many of completely miss the boat when it comes to letting our desires be known by God. There are some things that we can measure by our prayers:

  • First, our desire ought always be to become bigger and better than we are. Our religion should never be static. We grow spiritually or we die spiritually.
  • Our prayer ought always to prepare us for battle with Satan. You see, we meet Satan every day, and if we do not meet him then we must be going the same way with him.
  • Our prayers ought always be for a long drawn out battle and should prepare us to His will. When we allow, the Lord's prayer for things becomes our "Thy will be done, but not mine," and we get it when His will has been done.

Now back to Uncle Buddy. His prayer life was always unselfish when it came to himself, but always seeking his Father's great will for himself.

©2002 Huey Wood