Holy Spirit hears prayer


The Storyteller
Rev. Huey Wood

At a church where people would stand and give their personal testimony, a young lady was doing this for the first time. Nervously, she said, “I just want everybody to pray that I will a light and brightening shite.”

We are told in the scriptures that one of the works of the Holy Spirit is to interpret our prayers to God. The number one excuse people give for not praying is: “I don’t know how to pray.” What they mean is, “I don’t know how to use the many stilted words we use to make it sound religious.”

So many of our young people hear this from us older folk, and they say, “I can’t do that,” so they get the idea that they can’t pray.

Through the years, my advice to young people has been to pray in words and terms that they use in talking to Mom or Dad, and the Holy Spirit interprets the inner desire of our hearts much more than the words we speak. Too, the Holy Spirit knows what is best for us.

Let us also remember that prayer involves our listening. It takes discipline to listen. Remember, God is a gentleman. He converses with us by our invitation. He does not force himself into our hearts. When we open the door to our hearts, He will come in.

Prayer: Father, we have sinned. Forgive us.

© 2002 Huey Wood