Coahoma ministry joins students


By Elbrist Mason

Special to the Advocate

The art of being present best describes the Wesley Foundation  at Coahoma Community College in Clarksdale. Triple C, as it called by many students, is it a unique ministry in the Mississippi Delta, and the Wesley Foundation adds to this uniqueness. Our main emphasis is to help students, faculty and staff enjoy the experience of college interwoven with everyday life.

The foundation is everywhere students want to be; in the intramural sports, performing arts, homecoming activities and off-campus gatherings.

Wesley Foundation has had to make some big adjustments because of the changing climate at Coahoma Community College. For starters the majority of the students are commuters. This means that they come to school, take classes and leave. Our weekly gathering has to be quick and simple.

Another adjustment is that many students do not want to be identified with any particular denomination, so many students will say “I am a ND (non- denominational) but I like coming to the meetings.” Because we are focusing on keeping students in touch with local churches, developing a devotional life and building community, all are welcome at the foundation’s weekly gatherings.

Wesley Foundation at Coahoma Community College is an exciting place to be, and we invite local churches to support us with their prayers, time, talents and financial support. Churches wanting to participate with the foundation may call 662-624-6807. One of our primary needs is financial support for outings and transportation.

Our students are a wonderful gift to the community of faith, and our presence makes a big difference in their lives on a daily basis.

Mason serves as director of the Wesley Foundation at Coahoma Community College and as pastor at Haven United Methodist Church.