Sometimes tongue faster than brain


The Storyteller

Rev. Huey Wood

A minister was working on his sermon when one of his members, Mrs. Brown, called to see him.

Rather irritated by this morning caller, he quickly asked his wife to go downstairs and talk to the woman. After a while it had gotten very quiet down there, so he just shouted down to his wife, “Has the old hag gone yet?”

With great presence of mind his wife answered, “Yes, dear, and Mrs. Brown is here now!”

It is always a sad day when our tongue speaks but our brain is not working; when we say things that should not have been said under any circumstance. Oh yes, we know that there are times when our nerves can get on edge, and some people can irritate us, but this is when we should pray more and think more for that person.

You see, we never know what that person is going through in their own life. We never know why they demand so much attention. It could be that they are lonely. It could be that they feel insecure. Yes, an inferiority complex can be a nasty traveling friend. At any rate, it is our place to pray with patience that they will allow God’s Holy Spirit to fill that emptiness that only His Spirit can fill.

Prayer: Father, let the words of our lips be true in all things.

©2002 Huey Wood