God won't hear our excuses


The Storyteller

Rev. Huey Wood

There was this fellow who sold a mule to another man. The buyer took the mule home and put him in the barn stable. The next morning he went out to check on the mule and found the mule dead. He called the man who had sold the mule and said, “Sir, that mule you sold me last night died in the night.”

The fellow answered, “Now that’s strange. That mule has never done that before.”

Of course, we are oh, so good at cover ups and excuses. We make excuses for everything. We are almost as good as those people in the New Testament who Jesus asked to follow Him. One had to go see some property that he had bought. Someone had to see his wife.

Sometimes we make excuses even better than these, such as:

No one will miss me if I miss church.

I do not tithe because I don’t like the way they spend the money.

I am not singing in the choir; practice takes too much of my time.

No, I do not attend Sunday school because I don’t like the teacher or literature.

I don’t like the preacher; he is dull and didn’t speak to me the last time I was at church.

 We are masters at giving excuses, but only the truth works with answering to God.

Prayer: Father, may we always be willing to shoulder our share of our load.

©2002 Huey Wood