Scattering the gloom in holiness


“The dancing air shall glow with light,  And sun and moon give up their place,  Where love shines out of every face,  Our good, our glory, and delight.”— Brian Wren, United Methodist Hymnal, 725


It’s the season of possible gloom — the dark days of the year. One health physichologist has devised a formula that combines personal and seasonal factors to calculate the year’s emotional low point. That point is now.

Into the midst of short winter days and long winter nights Epiphany light shines. Jesus comes, healing and casting out demons, radiant. The gloom is scattered. The sick are healed. Paralytics rise and walk. Demons flee.

On Jan. 24, the extended cabinet re-affirmed for 2006 our covenant before God toward wellness. The covenant includes healthy diet, exercise, rest, prayer, reading, renewal, community, and leadership toward wellness.

Perhaps it was on a February day that Samuel Johnson wrote these words in the late 18th Century: “I have corrected no external habits, nor have I kept any of the resolutions made at the beginning of the year, yet I hope still to be reformed, and not to lose my whole life in idle purposes. . .”

It takes 21 days to establish a habit. Identify a holy habit and entrust to a friend your intent to pursue it for three weeks. Be blessed as you move forward, opening up the means of grace.

May we all encourage one another toward the great and holy possibility: the time when love shines out of every face, our good, our glory and delight.