Good news, radiant possibility


“We have never before seen anything like this!”

                                                                – Mark 2:12

In January and February, I am embarking on a journey, gathering with clergy in each district to learn together from the gospel of Mark.

In my ministry experience, the lectionary is a continual means of grace, carrying us forward spiritually through familiar, yet ever-new, gospel terrain. In 2006, the gospel lessons point us to Mark. 

Mark’s gospel has a particular pace and tone, inviting us to appropriate urgency. I invite laity and clergy to read the gospel of Mark, all 14 chapters, in one sitting, as spiritual preparation for this new year. In the district clergy gatherings, we will read from Mark and listen for a fresh word from God. Bring your Bibles!

In Mark, Jesus Christ comes to Galilee “proclaiming the good news of God.” Our conversation together will explore the radiant possibility that shines wherever Jesus is present. 

Clergy are greatly helped by laity who share the journey of ministry.

Thank you to the laity of the Mississippi Conference for your prayers and your partnership.

A companion book for the gatherings will be The Art of Possibility, by Rosamund and Benjamin Zander.

May God move before us, radiant always, drawing us onward.

With gratitude for your ministry,

Hope Morgan Ward

Bishop Ward’s Visit Schedule:

Jan. 11 - East Jackson                     • Jan. 30 - New Albany

• Jan. 17 - Brookhaven                        • Jan. 31 - Tupelo

• Jan. 18 - Starkville                            • Feb. 1 - Greenwood

• Jan. 19 - West Jackson                    • Feb. 2 - Meridian

• Jan. 20 - Seashore                           • Feb. 13 - Hattiesburg

• Jan. 27 - Senatobia