Strive to be perfect in fallen world


The Storyteller

Rev. Huey Wood

A preacher had an early morning speaking appointment. He set the alarm clock to alarm at his appointment time, but for some reason the clock did not work. This put him 15 minutes late. He ran into the bathroom to shave, cut himself and almost never got the bleeding stopped. When he finished dressing he ran to the car only find he had a flat tire. Then the jack didn't work right, but he finally got the tire changed, backed out into the street and took off.

He came to a four-way stop sign and just went right through it. He was pulled over by a policeman ordered him out of the car. The preacher jumped out and said, "All right, officer, go ahead and give me a ticket. Everything else has gone wrong today. The clock didn't alarm. I cut myself. The jack didn't work. Yes, just make my day a 100 percent lousy day."

The officer very softly said, "Yes, I understand. Before I became a Christian, I used to have days like this. "

Isn't it amazing how things can happen to us that remind us that this is not a perfect world? Things go wrong at the right time to remind us that we are always in need of God's grace. Life simply isn't perfect, and through His grace we must learn to take life as it comes to us. In His power and guidance He will get us to our appointed place on time. Doing this we can save our temper; we might need it some day.

Prayer: Lord, help us to know that this world is not perfect, but you are.

©2002 Huey Wood