Moving to possibility creates leadership


Bishop’s Bookshelf

By Bishop Hope Morgan Ward

Recommendation: “The Art of Possibility,” by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander


“I dwell in possibility.”    Emily Dickinson

The book is as sparkling as its brilliant yellow cover. The Zanders have created a book that invites us all into leadership, using simple examples to illustrate the world of possibility, abundance and hope. They offer a compelling invitation for us to lead from every chair, from every position, in every place. Leadership is not reserved for a few, but offered to the many. There are leaders everywhere.

The Epiphany invitation resonates in our spirits: Leave your nets and follow Jesus. Each of us is invited. Each of us has a unique gift to offer. There is enough. The possibilities are limitless.

Start from what is, not what should be. Clear the “shoulds,” close the exits, clear the judgments, distinguish reality. Move from talking in the downward spiral and converse toward possibility.

Living toward possibility is an art, a spiritual practice that transforms professional and personal life. The applications to the spiritual life are clear, for we know that with God, all things are possible.

“Today was exceptional in that I learned leadership is not a responsibility – nobody has to lead. It’s a gift, shining silver that reminds people huddled nearby that each shimmering moment matters. It’s in the eyes, the voice, this swelling song that warms up from the toes and tingles with endless possibilities. Things change when you care enough to grab whatever you love, and give it everything.” – Amanda Burr, student at the Walnut Hill School

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