Loving God means we love others


The Storyteller
By the Rev. Huey Wood

I heard about a fellow who had been stranded on an island for 40 years. Finally, a seaman found him. They were talking and the seaman noticed three small buildings side by side up on top of the hill. The seaman asked what they were.

The fellow said, “Well, that one on the top is where I live. And the next one is where I worship; it’s my church.”

The seaman said, “Well, what’s in the other one?”

“Well that is where I used to worship,” the man said. “You see I had a falling out with myself and moved my church membership.”

Reckon what church he was a member of? We know that this is a made up story, but I wonder about the man’s health. He must have had indigestion of the worst kind. We can be sure he had ulcers, arthritis and more than likely he was a nervous wreck. People who can’t get along with themselves are unhappy in all their ways. There was no one there to dislike, so he had to dislike himself.

More people than we know would rather be someone else than to be themselves. This is saying to God, “God, I love you with all my heart, mind, body and myself, but I hate this person called me because I think you made a lousy mess in making me.” You see, no one can love God rightly and hate what He made. When Jesus was asked for the two great commandments, he replied to love the Lord thy God with all the mind, strength, etc. The second commandment is to love thy neighbor as yourself, not love God and hate thyself.

If we love God, we love neighbor and ourselves and we will be good and sweet to ourselves.

Prayer: Father, may we be united in you.

©2002 Huey Wood