Messy mercy and grace


“Everything feels crazy.  But on small patches of earth, I can see just as much messy mercy and grace as ever. . .”  — Anne Lamott, “Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith”


The chaos is lessening a bit, but just a bit.  We continue to live through a remarkable time – a time of challenge, a time of grief, a time of serendipity, a time of rich learning.

What is God teaching us, day by day?  I can only answer for myself.


I am learning that God loves us through one another.


I am learning that the United Methodist connection works, in practical ways.


I am learning that we are very resourceful and creative people.


I am learning that no one of us has all the answers.


I am learning that together we have what we need to move forward.


I am learning that there is enough.


I am learning that we need one another.


I am learning the grace of patience.


I am learning the joy of generosity.


I am learning the gratitude that follows encouragement.


During the recent Council of Bishops meeting at Lake Junaluska, the concern and support for the challenges of recovery on the gulf coast was continuous and powerful.  Through the episcopal leaders, I felt the love and support and generosity of The United Methodist connection. 


Though things continue to feel crazy, I see mercy and grace everywhere. It is my prayer that you see it as well.