Methodist Foundation Scholarships Support Miss. Methodist Students


Methodist Foundation of Mississippi scholarship recipient, Emily Lambert.
By Jennifer Allen, Methodist Foundation of Mississippi

Scholarships offered through the Methodist Foundation of Mississippi help United Methodist students fund their higher education goals. Read below about one such scholarship founded in memory of Leavell Woods United Methodist Church lay leader, Bert Jordan. 

We often talk about the gifts and graces bestowed on us. These gifts vary for each individual, and it seems that some people stood in the gift line more than once, as they are good at everything. 

Today, our fund spotlight shines on one such individual. His name is Bert Jordan. No, he wasn’t ordained clergy, but he was gifted in many different areas. 

Bert Jordan was born in 1913, in Zetus, Mississippi. Little is known about his early years, except the fact that he worked in a cucumber receiving station for two summers in high school with Aaron Clinton Smith. It would seem that this early introduction to produce led to his operation of a grocery store for a number of years. 

In 1932 Bert moved to Jackson and became a charter member of Leavell Woods United Methodist Church. He was the Sunday School superintendent of the church and his faith and dedication didn’t waver. He continued to serve as the church developed, founding the United Methodist Men’s group at Leavell Woods and he was on hand when they issued the keys of the church to Bishop Marvin Franklin in March of 1955.
A collage of Bert Jordan's accomplishments.
Bert continued to serve the church as the years passed, and his opinions and leadership were valued. He served numerous positions in his local church as well as other positions on the district and conference level. His service included the positions of conference lay leader, a member of the board of lay activities, the council on ministries, and United Methodist Men just to name a few.

Not much could keep Bert from working for the Glory of his Savior.  Before his death on December 22, 1987, Bert was elected to be a member of nine General Conferences, including the 1988 Conference. He served as treasurer of the Mississippi Methodist Foundation from April of 1974 until his death. The Mississippi United Methodist Advocate published several pictures, articles and resolutions honoring Bert Jordan.

In February 1988, Dr. James Brown contacted the foundation about creating the Bert Jordan Memorial Education Fund which would be administered by the foundation’s scholarship committee. The fund is still in existence today and has provided scholarships for more than 20 Methodist students from Mississippi. When the Fund was created, Dr. Brown told Rev. Jerry Mitchell, “Thank you for your help in setting up this fund. I feel sure that Mr. Jordan would have been pleased with our effort.” 

I feel sure that he is still pleased with their effort and knows the students receiving a scholarship are grateful and ready to serve his Savior. 

Students are welcome to apply for Methodist Foundation scholarships starting January 2. Click here for more information of scholarship application guidelines. 

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