Pastor Singing His Trouble Away Goes Viral


Matthew Johnson, Connectional Ministries and Communications Assistant

With more than eight thousand views on YouTube, Rev. Haywood Hannah, senior pastor at Greer Chapel United Methodist Church, is a hot new viral Gospel sensation. All due to his fun and catchy new video. “I Can Sing My Troubles Away.”
Rev Haywood Hannah
 Hannah’s passion for music began at age seven when he started singing for the former Penderville United Methodist Church in Weir.

“They used to call me little singing boy.” Hannah said.

That passion stayed with Hannah throughout his life garnering him college scholarships and being a vital part of his ministry.
“Singing is my way of connecting with people and expressing the way I enjoy worshipping, through song. All of my sermons begin and end with a song,” said Hannah.

Hannah has written multiple songs, and has three albums to date, but “I Can Sing My Troubles Away,” is his first video, and it’s a family affair.

“My grandson, Hart Jefferson, plays me and my daughter Dr. Janelle Jefferson, plays my mom,” said Hannah.

Hannah partnered with 22 Visionz, a production company from Chattanooga, Tennessee to bring his vision for the song to life.   

“I wanted to make a mini movie, and I wanted someone who saw the vision I saw,” shared Hannah.

Excited by the success of his first video, Hannah looks forward to producing more soon. Anyone who would like to sing along with Rev. Hannah can find “I Can Sing My Troubles Away,” video on YouTube and to purchase an audible copy go to iTunes, Amazon and Spotify

Hannah's daughter and grandchildren
pose for a photo before filming.

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