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The mission of United Methodist Disaster Response in the Mississippi Conference is to provide a caring Christian presence in the aftermath of a disaster that begins with response and ends with long term recovery.

What Kinds of Disasters Do We Respond to? 

The disaster response effort of the Mississippi Conference is primarily focused on natural disasters such as floods, fires, tornadoes and hurricanes. Other disasters, often called “man- made” may result from terrorism and domestic disturbances or from accidents such as chemical spills. Resources of the conference could be used to assist individuals and families impacted by these disasters as well.

How does the Mississippi Conference Respond to Disasters?

The Disaster Response Committee of the Mississippi Conference stands ready to assist any time disasters are so large that the resources of the local community or the district are not sufficient to meet the needs. This response can take many forms. Expert advice can be provided to help the local community as they meet immediate needs, or as they plan for recovery from a disaster, UMCOR kits such as clean-up kits and health kits are distributed; and, volunteers can also be recruited by the conference. early response teams (ERTs) are deployed to assist with clean-up and other tasks needed by the community in the period right after the disaster (once the area has been declared safe by first responders). In the long term, UMVIM recovery teams help with home repairs or, in some cases, rebuilding homes that have been completely destroyed during the disaster. In addition, spiritual and emotional care teams can provide support to individuals and congregations as they cope with the loss caused by a disaster.

The United Methodist Disaster Response in the Mississippi Conference rarely acts alone. We work with partners in order to provide the best possible relief to survivors of the disaster. The most important partners are the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) and Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD).


Leadership of the disaster response effort of the Mississippi Conference is the responsibility of the director of connectional ministries and the conference disaster response committee. It is chaired by the conference disaster response coordinator and includes district disaster response coordinators from each of the 11 districts and the conference United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) coordinator. Additional at-large members may be asked to serve as the need arises. Individual members of the committee may have specific operational functions, but the task of the committee is to establish policies and evaluate effectiveness of the conference disaster response effort.

Disaster Recovery Project Manager 

Mellie Jordan,

Mellie serves in UMCOR disaster long-term recovery processes. She also serves on the Mississippi VOAD executive board and the national VOAD disaster case management committee and as a trainer for UMCOR assisting various communities in their disaster response and long-term recovery work.

Mellie leads the overall operational efforts of recovery. This involves oversight of services in the long-term recovery field through case management and construction supervision. The disaster recovery manager partners with the disaster response coordinator in the deployment of volunteers and resources.

conference disaster response coordinator - currently being served by Mellie Jordan as interim

Conference Volunteers in Mission Coordinator

Hollis Crowder

District Disaster Response Coordinators

Brookhaven District
*coordinator needed

East Jackson District
Gary Glazier

Greenwood District
*coordinator needed

Hattiesburg District
*coordinator needed

Meridian District
*coordinator needed

New Albany District
Jim Petermann

Seashore District
David Newton

Senatobia District
david huffman

Starkville District
*coordinator needed

Tupelo District
Darrell Sanderson

West Jackson District
Frank Newell

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