MS Conference Commission on Religion and Race

The Discipline section 643. 2. The basic membership of the annual conference commission shall be nominated and elected by established procedure of the respective annual conferences. Each annual conference shall determine the number and composition of the total membership. Care shall be taken to ensure that membership is selected based primarily on the passion and expertise possessed in the areas of training, resource development, evaluation, consultation, and strategic planning in the areas of diversity, cultural competency, racial justice, reconciliation and equity, and communicating/advocacy for change. The total membership shall have an equitable balance in the number of laymen, laywomen, and clergypersons. It is strongly urged that the conference commissions be constituted to reflect the widest sense of racial, ethnic, tribal, and cultural diversity relevant to that area. Selection of commission members shall ensure adequate representation of women, youth, young adults, older adults, and persons with disabilities. Members of the General Commission on Religion and Race residing in the annual conference shall be ex officio members of the annual conference commission on religion and race with vote.



Report of the Commission on Religion and Race

Purpose: As a work of Advocacy, CORR seeks to assist agencies, connectional ministries and other church structures, assuring full and equal participation of all racial and ethnic constituencies in the total life and mission of the whole church in the Mississippi Annual Conference.

Vision: CORR envisions churches at all levels in the Mississippi Conference embracing, reflecting and valuing God’s diversity. 

Mission: To embody Christ and engage the Mississippi Annual Conference in building awareness of racial and cultural diversity; by inviting God’s Spirit to create and sustain a community of mutual and radically inclusive hospitality.

Participants (task force members): Participants with the Commission on Religion and Race, in its work, are diverse. Our diversity is representative of our purpose and goal of engaging our districts in the work of equity throughout our conference.

During 2017 and 2018, CORR has labored diligently to make training and resources for cultural competency, linguistics and strategic planning in areas of diversity available to all of our local churches. This is being accomplished through the conference website and other media.

We continue to encourage participation by adding clarity, increasing accessibility of materials and being available ourselves in order that we many engage and empower the ongoing work of reconciliation.

We continue to lift up places where equality is being lived out and recognize those whose work has created a place of inclusiveness and sacred equality.

We continue the work of building relationships with existing organizations, such as Mission Mississippi to ensure the work of racial healing as an ongoing practice in a grassroots movement expressing love, grace and social holiness.

We seek to draw others into partnership and joint effort in this holy task.

We have endeavored and will continue to address these issues as the work of the Commission on Religion and Race of the Mississippi Annual Conference.


Respectfully Submitted by the Commission on Religion and Race,

Rev. Kathy A. Price



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