Imagine knowing which projects are most needed ahead of time, what is needed in your neighborhood and what may be changing in your community before those changes happen, enabling you to adapt your future missions accordingly.

Reaching your community begins with knowing your community and using MissionInsite’s cloud-based platform makes it easy. Since 2007, more than 107,000 faith-based organizations and 175 national and regional church agencies have been using MissionInsite. By integrating many different proprietary databases (U.S. Census Bureau, Experian, etc.), MissionInsite’s faith-based solutions empower churches with timely and trusted information and tools to better understand and serve their communities.

Unlock the Secrets to Your Community

Execute a demographic analysis using a full array of established geographies such as zip codes, cities, counties, census tracts, and block groups to:

  • Determine the best ministry opportunities
  • Answer strategic ministry questions
  • Understand population trends BEFORE they happen
  • Identify and reach households in a ministry area
  • Gain relevant and strategic information on the past, present and future populations and changing demographic patterns
  • Find Church Planting Opportunities
  • Discover Gaps in Church Presence of services

Plot Your Congregants

The Congregant Plot tool adds the ability to view your congregants on the map. Add your congregants to better understand your “reach” by visually mapping who your members and visitors are, where they live (how far they come to church) and where they are clustered. Create a comparative report that answers the questions, “Who are We and Who is our Neighbor?” by comparing household profiles.


Reports help "tell the demographic story" about a community as a whole. MissionInsite allows you to quickly and easily create a custom report from scratch or select form hundreds of predefined, customizable options, including:


  • A colorful 11-page introduction to your community built on the Census, including current, 5 and 10-year projections for population and households, as well as current and 5-year projections for families.
  • Features StoryView and ThemeView, based on 10 demographic indicators.
  • Sample Report: http://missioninsite.com/images/reports/pdfs/quickinsite-sample.pdf


  • This 16-page report showcases your community through the lens of 12 essential insights.
  • Built on the Census, data sets include current year updates, often integrating 5-year projections and 10 year forecasts, as well as the Experian MOSAIC* lifestyle types.
  • Includes Charitable Giving Practices from the Simmons Market Research Group and Religious Program or Ministry Preferences from the Quadrennium Project National Religious Survey of American beliefs, preferences and practices.
  • Sample Report: http://missioninsite.com/images/reports/pdfs/executiveinsite-sample.pdf


  • Provides the most comprehensive view of your community.
  • Includes 33 pages of demographic information integrating data graphs and interpretive analysis.
  • Is built upon the Census, including current, 5 and 10-year projections for population and households, as well as current, 5 and 10-year forecasts for families.
  • Specializes in high level detail for population trends, age, income, ethnicity, the New MOSAIC* Household Portraits and more.
  • Sample Report: http://missioninsite.com/images/reports/pdfs/fullinsite-sample.pdf

*MOSAIC – instead of looking at individual variables, this segmentation system clusters households into groups with multiple common characteristics.


For more information about MissionInsite, visit their website at www.missioninsite.com.

Questions? Contact Jane Horstman, administrative assistant in the Faith Community Formation Office at jhorstman@mississippi-umc.org or 769-243-7072 or Michelle Saxon, client relations manager at MissionInsite at msaxon@missioninsite.com or 877-230-3212, ext. 1011.