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 Mississippi Conference UMC Board of Medical Benefits

Open Enrollment Dates:
November 1, 2022 - November 30, 2022 with a January 1st Benefit effective date

What is Open Enrollment?
This is a dedicated time of year where you can enroll and/or make changes to your Medical, Dental, Vision, FSA, Dependent Care, or HSA Benefits.

When will my Open Enrollment Changes become effective?
January 1, 2023

What is staying the same?
The BCBSMS Medical Benefits and rates are remaining the same.
The Flexible Spending Accounts and Dependent Care Accounts will remain with Wage Works.

What changes do I need to be made aware of?
We will continue to utilize GUARDIAN Network for Dental and Vision Benefits. You will only have one card for Dental and Vision if you elect both. 

What do I need to do?

Below is the link 2023 Benefit Election and Change Form. Complete and submit the 2023 form to Shelby Penn at by November 30, 2023
  • IF You are enrolling in any benefit for the first time.
  • IF Making changes to your medical, dental and/or vision benefits.
  • IF You want to continue 2023 FSA, DCA, or HSA elections OR want to enroll in any of these plans for the first time.

Click Here for 2023 Benefit Election and Change Form

You should remember:

1.   When making changes to your benefits after filing the initial Clergy Budget Compensation Form, contact your Superintendent to revise your salary reduction accordingly.
2.   If you are not making any changes AND do not want the FSA, DCA, or HSA, you do not have to fill out a Benefit Election Change Form. Your medical, dental, and vision benefits will remain the same.
3.   If you find it necessary to change your address, click here to obtain the change of address form which needs to be submitted to Shelby Penn at
4.   Listing the desired enrollments on the Clergy Budget Compensation Package Report does not automatically enroll you into a benefit plan. 
5.   If you list the  HSA on the compensation form, you must utilize the conference plan. 
6.   You may utilize the FSA and DCA without being on the conference plan.
7.   All plans listed on the compensation in section D must be remitted to the Conference Medical Insurance Plan by the local church, otherwise it is not a salary reduction and may not be listed on this form. 
8.   To be eligible to participate in the conference sponsored insurance plan(s) clergy must be under Episcopal appointment serving at least ¾ times (75%) which means a minimum compensation of $20,985 in 2023, or a lay employee of an eligible group working ¾ time.
9.  You can make changes after open enrollment to your plans during 2023 only if you experience a qualifying life or status change event. (Example: marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child, change of appointment, change from ineligible status to an eligible status, etc).  You must make your changes within 30 days of the official date of the life or status change event otherwise you will have to wait until the next annual Open Enrollment period.
REMINDER – if you want to participate in the 2023 FSA, DCA, or HSA – you MUST fill out the Benefit Election and Change Form. The following are the most current rates available.   If contribution levels have changed and you want to change your election accordingly, please contact Shelby Penn at

  •  Flexible Spending Account         
          2023 Yearly Max Contribution    $3,050
  •  Health Saving Account Enrollment     (Only available with the HDHP medical plan)
          2023 with Yearly Max Contributions:
            Single coverage   $3,850
            Family coverage   $7,750  
            $1,000 extra if you are 55 or older
  • Dependent Care Account          
         2023 Dependent Care Yearly Max Contribution    $5,000 Married filing jointly or single
                                                                                                              $2,500 Married filing separately
This pays for day care expenses for a dependent child, adult or elder so that you may work. Eligible services include nursery school, nanny, day care or before/after school care through age 12, day care for a disabled adult or child, elder day care for parent or dependent, 


Retiree Medicare Supplemental Plan :
"IF" you are age 65, enrolled in Medicare Part A & B and not serving at least ¾ times in an Episcopal appointment we offer a fully insured Medicare Plan G  supplement with a prescription drug card.  Please contact AmWINS at 1-877-282-1425 to request Open Enrollment information.
In compliance with the Medicare Secondary Payer Rules and Affordable Care Act "IF" you are a clergy person participating in the Medicare Retiree Supplemental Plan serving in an appointment at least ¾ times (75%) with a total minimum compensation of $20,985  or more you must be enrolled in one of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans, PPO: Preferred Provider Organization or HDHP: High Deductible Health Plan.  Please contact the MS UMC Benefits Office to update your plan enrollment.

If you have any questions please contact
For a printable copy of 2023 Benefit Rates click here  

Plan Administration contact:
For Blue Cross and for our ancillary products, Guardian Dental and Vision, the forms must be completed and sent to:  
Shelby Penn   
                                     T: 601.944.9735  F: 769.230.8190
Any questions regarding billing or amount owed please contact:
Jackie McGough    769-243-7022
David Stotts             769-243-7020

Blue Cross Blue Shield:


                              Dental Website Link
                              Vision Website link

Healthy You Reward:

Conference health benefit participants: Download this form and take it with you to your physician's office this year during your annual physical exam. You then submit the form by mail, fax or email to be processed for the reward.
Click here to find the Healthy You Rebate Form

Wellness Program:

All participants in the conference health insurance plan may participate in the Amazing Pace wellness program at no charge. Get moving and earn rewards !
Click here to visit the Amazing Pace Web site

Other Important Information:

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