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100% Mission Share Churches 

2023 Clergy Compensation Forms 

      On the Educational Resources page, there are supplemental videos related to the 2021 Clergy/Non-Clergy Budget  Compensation Reports.  They are done in small segments so that you can quickly get to the area in which you need resourcing.  
  • Clergy
                               2023 Clergy Compensation Form - Excel
  • Non-Clergy :  See the non-clergy budget compensation packet below for use with supply pastors or any other non-licensed, non-commissioned or non-ordained person serving as a church pastor.
         ​                      2023 Non-Clergy (Lay) Compensation Form - Excel

Audit of Local Church

Business Expenses and Reimbursement Accountable Reimbursement Policies

Cares Act-Retention Tax Credit

​Church Finance Training Materials

  1. Letter to New Treasurers from David  Stotts
  2. PowerPoint for Initial Training
  3. Training Videos

Clergy Discretionary Funds

Clergy Tax Packet

Employee or Independent Contractor? 

Exemption from Sales Tax on Certain Utilities

Gift Acceptance Policy

Good Samaritan/Benevolence Fund Policy

Group Ruling Request Form

Higher Education: Wesley Foundation's information for Inclusion in UMC Group Tax Exempt Ruling

Internal Controls in the Local Church 

Ministry Funding Plan & Treasurer's Report

Obtaining an EIN Confirmation Letter

Mississippi Conference Parsonage Standards

  • Parsonage Forms
  1. Clergy Parsonage Agreement
  2. Parsonage Conditional Use Agreement
  3. Annual Parsonage Review
  4. Ten Year Inspection Form
  5. Vacating Parsonage Checklist PDF
  6. Pastor Move in Form PDF
  7. Parsonage Checklist PDF

​Record Retention Policy

Statistical Data Reports for Mississippi Conference


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