Lead Like Jesus Encounter


Imagine leaders who lead like Jesus. Leaders who love those they influence so much that they help them get from where they are to where God would have them go. Leaders who hold people accountable, encourage them daily, confront challenges and bring authenticity, character, and integrity to every interaction. Leaders who want to guide others on the same path. IMAGINE a world full of those leaders!

A New Definition of Leadership

Anytime you seek to influence the thinking, behavior or development of others, you are taking on a leadership role. So a leader is anyone who has influence over another – so whether you are a parent, grandparent, brother or sister, CEO, co-worker, manager, pastor – you demonstrate leadership with and to those around you.

And because skills and knowledge can’t replace character and integrity, the Leading like Jesus Encounter involves the alignment of our Heart, Head, Hands and Habits. When you choose to allow Jesus to transform you from the inside out, that choice will have an effect on everyone and everything that you encounter.

You will be challenged and motivated to follow the leadership example of Jesus. 

What is the LLJ Encounter?
  • A 10-hour Encounter that introduces Jesus as the greatest leadership role model and a unique formula for leadership development
  • A different kind of leadership development experience that focuses on developing character of a leader - not just leadership tactics
  • Facilitates a powerful peer-to-peer learning instead of lecture
  • Align your heart, head, hands and habits with the transformative leadership model of Jesus
  • Discover the difference between power-based and love-based leadership
  • Learn practical skills for coaching those you lead
  • Uncover how pride and fear are inhibiting your individual and church effectiveness
  • Establish meaningful goals rooted in your vision and core values
  • Build daily habits that foster personal growth and drive long-term change
Virtual Encounter Now Available:

All the same features and benefits -- in a virtual format. Sign up now!

How to get started?

Contact Rev. Jason Zebert in the Faith Community Formation Office at jzebert@mississippi-umc.org or 769-243-7073 to schedule a LLJ Encounter for your group or church.