Lay Ministries

Lay Ministry is the mission or ministry to which each believer is called – not just clergy.  Each of us is called to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and proclaim the Good News of his love. 

In 2014, when tasked the with reorganization of the Mississippi Annual Conference, the Leadership Team offered a bold vision that said the Spiritual Leadership most needed by our churches to support and lead in mission and ministry was Collaborative Leadership between both the clergy and the laity.  In our Wesleyan identity, the Methodist movement was also a partnership, and the Mississippi Annual Conference seeks to reclaim that by allowing the Office of Spiritual Leadership to house the work of both the Board of Ordained Ministry and the Board of Laity.  Each year a collaborative leadership event  is held that promotes this connection. In addition, training for laity and support for the Lay Servant and Lay Speaker ministries are part of the work tasked to this office. The office also provides leadership for the Certified Lay Ministry Academy. 

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