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As our connectional leadership team continues to work in peace and harmony to raise the bar in the Mississippi Conference of The United Methodist Church, I hope you are able to ask yourself—what is essential? You are then able to make all else secondary. You sacrifice the small points and forego the credit to make sure that the one thing that is really important gets done the way it needs to get done. 

So, using this ability as a guide, I ask myself: what is essential for our church as a whole to grow and flourish? What is God asking each of us to do? We need to connect more people to The United Methodist Church. We all know that over 50% of our communities are not affiliated with any church organization. So let’s get busy getting them connected.

We need each of you to find ways to reach out and bring more people in. More people, younger people and more diverse people. I say that as I turn to you, esteemed lay leaders, and ask what the hallmark of our leadership will be. What will be the legacy you leave for the next generation of The United Methodist Church? What trait do you have that is so exemplary that everyone on your prospective committees and tables wishes they could embody it? 

We have been giving the green light to go make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. And I say, let’s have a fun time doing it. Whatever your sphere of influence is, you can always expand it to include more people, more ideas, more breadth and more depth.

Let’s translate our solidarity to a church that so desperately needs it. We have a motto at my home church. That motto is White Oak United Methodist Church is the church where Jesus Christ is in the center and his love is all around.

The message is clear: make Jesus the center of everything you do and his love will –spill over into your communities. We each hold this challenge. I challenge myself continually and am asking you to do the same.

Blessings to you all,

Timothy Crisler
Mississippi Conference Lay Leader
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