Info on New/Moving/Retiring Clergy

Each year annual conference brings new appointments for clergy.  Some will be moving, some will be retiring and some will be new to the system. New appointments and status changes bring paper work to be done.   The following three areas contain the forms that will get you properly set up in the system for your change in appointment.  A letter from our conference treasurer leads each packet of forms.  Please carefully read the letter and follow the directions for your specific category.  If you have any questions, you should contact your district superintendent or David Stotts, conference treasurer/conference benefits officer at 601-354-0515.

Packet 1: Newly Appointed Clergy (First Time Appointees)

Packet 2: Moving Clergy

Packet 3: Retiring Clergy

David Stotts Message from Mississippi Conference on Vimeo.

*This video was played for those clergy who attended an Appointment Transition Workshop.