Grant and Scholarship Opportunities

The menu on the left is a list of various grant and scholarship opportunities that are available to the members of the Mississippi United Methodist Conference and across the connection.

Tips on Applying for Grants and Scholarships

  • Always, read the guidelines before you begin the application process
  • Make note of the application due date and submit it, allowing time for mailing/internet issues
  • Make a checklist of the guidelines that you can check off once completed, satisfy all the requirements
  • Communicate clearly and precisely about the what, where, how, when and why
  • Make sure you sell your program, not the organization
  • Proofread the application
  • Provide a complete list of other funding sources you have received or that are pending
  • Be specific when writing the budget, double check your math
  • Ask yourself these questions when writing: “Why should we give you money instead of another?” “What makes your project unique?”