General Conference 101

General Conference 101 is one of many communications resources that are being made available to you about General Conference. The purpose of General Conference 101 is to provide clarity on what exactly General Conference is, why we have General Conference and how what happens at General Conference impacts your local church. The below four-part series walks you through the beginning of General Conference being bathed in worship, through how legislative items make their way through committees and to the plenary floor for final voting.

Part I: Purpose of General Conference

In this video, leader of the Mississippi Episcopal Area, our very own Bishop James E. Swanson Sr., explains what General Conference is, the purpose of General Conference, how often it takes place and how General Conference is the gathering where we collectively discern where God's voice is leading us as a denomination in connectional ministry and mission.

Part II: Overview of General Conference

In this video, leader of the Mississippi Episcopal Area, our very own Bishop James E. Swanson Sr., discusses the liveliness of opening worship, the order of General Conference, what happens after General Conference is set, the Advance Daily Christian Advocate, the volume of work that happens at General Conference and how that work impacts your local church. Bishop Swanson also shares what items people aren't really talking about that they should be aware of. Additionally, here's a link to the Comparison of Proposals to General Conference 2020. This document was last updated February 24, 2020

Part III: Legislative Committees

In this video, members of the Mississippi Delegation-the first-elected lay delegate, David Stotts; conference lay leader, LaToya Redd Thompson and the first-elected clergy delegate and head of the delegation, Rev. Fred Britton- share what legislative committees are, what they do, how delegates are assigned to legislative committee and how committees are organized. 

 Part IV: Calendar and Coordination Committee

In this video, Bishop Tracy Smith Malone, leader of the East Ohio Episcopal Area, explains how items move from legislative committees, make their way to the calendar and coordination committee and then to the plenary floor. At the 2016 General Conference Bishop Malone was the chair of the calendar and coordination committee, Special thanks to Bishop Malone for taking time out of her schedule to share with the Mississippi Conference the in and outs of the calendar and coordination committee.

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