Fresh Expressions

A Fresh Expression is quite simply a fresh expression of church. Fresh Expressions is a movement that is cultivating new forms of church - the presentation of the gospel and church in context - alongside existing congregations in order to reach changing, diverse cultures and world. At its heart, Fresh Expressions is about empowering and equipping God's people to develop creative expressions of church that can reach the increasing diversity of our society in order to share a message that is transformative.

Beginning in 2004 as an initiative of the Church of England and the British Methodist Church, the movement has resulted in the birth of thousands of new communities and has brought renewal to scores of established churches. In 2010, the movement began taking shape in the US.

Fresh Expressions can be rural or suburban, in public spaces, housing projects and college dormitories. Some are aimed at specific groups, ranging from "Messy Church" for families with children to "Amore Groups" led by married couples. There is a biker group, cowboy church, church for artists, church at or after work, -- the sky's the limit. Each is an adventure in bringing the power of the Gospel to people who might never experience Christian community and the transformational and self-giving love of Jesus.

There are four guiding principles that tie fresh expressions together:

  • MISSIONAL: reach people through outreach, community involvement and Discipleship
  • CONTEXTUAL: each one will look different as it reflects the language and culture of the people in and for their particular context
  • FORMATIONAL: people are being formed and are committing to Jesus
  • ECCLESIAL: forming local, tangible Christian communities that are able to step out as church in their own right

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Dinner Church

Leaders all across the country are rediscovering Jesus' dinner table theology that dominated the Apostolic Era. The present-day Dinner Church movement is giving leaders and churches a renewed ability to reach people who would never attend their Sunday morning gatherings. 

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Starting from Scratch: A step-by-step example of starting a Dinner Church

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