Background Check Consent Form

Background Check Guidelines

Background Check Service Agreement

BOM Background/Credit Check Consent Form

This is a Board of Ordained Ministry background and credit check consent form to be used for candidates for ordained ministry and for clergy.

BOM Committee Responsibilities

BOM Visit with PPR Committee

Guidelines for Board of Ordained Ministry Visit with Pastor Parish Relations Committee

Brick River Database Information Sheet

Charge Conference Forms

Conference Youth Consent Health Release Form

COS and Licensing School (Things You Should Know)

DCOM Action Report Form

DCOM Handbook 2016-2020

Equitable Compensation Form

Ethnic Congregation Request

Form 114 - Candidate's Disclosure Form

Fund Balance Reports

The committee on finance is required to make provision for an annual audit of the records of all the financial officers (including the financial secretary or church business manager and treasurers) of the church and all its organizations and shall report to their district. Guidelines for handling the local church audit can be found on the conference website under 'Finance and Administration.' First click on the 'Local Church Finance & Clergy Tax Information' and then click the link under 'Church Audit Guide.'

Honorable Location Form

Lay On-site Visit Questionnaire (Deacon- PDF)

Lay On-site Visit Questionnaire (Deacon- word doc)

Lay On-site Visit Questionnaire (Elder- PDF)

Lay On-site Visit Questionnaire (Elder- word doc)

MEF Application for Service Loan

Ministerial Education Fund Application for Service Loan

Ministerial Education Fund

What is the Ministerial Education Fund?
MEF is a service loan offered to candidates for ordination who pursuing a Masters level theological degree. MEF is funded through the generosity of United Methodist people across Mississippi and around the world through mission shares and special offerings.


RIM Event Approval Request

Salary Supplement Request Form

Unique Ministries Request Form

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