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David Stotts, CPA

Treasurer/Director of Finance & Administration & Conference Benefits Officer

The Treasurer's role in the Administry (Ministry of Administration) of the conference is oversight of the conference financial and administrative work and administration and design of clergy benefits.  This includes providing nimble and adaptive leadership in an accountable and transparent manner so that the conference lives into following the Annual Conference adopted internal controls and budgets.The work includes interpreting the conference mission shares and budgets, administering as well as remaining compliant with Federal and State law in the benefits plans which include pension and medical insurance, and provide leadership in the conference wide property and casualty insurance program.   Resourcing the local church in administration and compliance is done through planning and teaching education events that are taught through out the year. 

Sheila P. Owens

Benefits Administrator

The Benefits Administrator is responsible for the administration of the conference medical and general church clergy pension plan.  This position tracks the conference's compliance with laws and regulations of the plans, provides enrollment into the plans, and administers the billing of those benefits through the direct invoice process. 


Laura Rollins

Administry Accountant-Receipts

The Administry Accountant-Receipts is responsible for receiving and properly allocating the funds of all of the areas of the conference operation (mission shares, direct invoice, medical premiums, and Property and Casualty premiums).  This position assists in the interpretation of the mission shares and in the apportioning of the mission shares.   The responsibility for the posting of the various areas of information on the Administry web page is carried out by this position. 


Tamara Easter-Young

Administry Accountant-Disbursements

The Administry Accountant-Disbursements is responsible for the proper payment of and recording of all disbursements in all funds of the conference business.  This includes the accounts payable and payroll operation of the office.  This position leads in compliance tracking of budget line items as adopted by the Annual Conference.


Susan Ross

Administry Coordinator

This position resources the functions of the  Administry Area. The Administry committee meetings and education events are facilitated by this position.  The calendar for the Administry area is maintained by the Administry Coordinator.



Bernice Grant

Administrative Secretary

The Administry assistant is a part time position that works with the Treasurer to resource that work.  The coordination of the educational materials for the training event is maintained in this position.  



Ed Jones

Internal Auditor
769.243.7026The internal auditor is responsible for the bank reconciliations of the conference accounts.  Review of the Administry business expenses are reviewed by this position.  The internal auditor leads in the annual review of the district financial work.  







Byrd Hillman

Clergy Retiree Benefits Liaison Emeritus

25274 Hwy. 19 North
Kosciusko, MS 39090

Andy Ray

Clergy Retiree Benefits Liaison 


The Clergy Retiree Liaison serves in a part time contractual arrangement to provide assistance to the clergy retirees and the surviving spouses.  That work is in the preparation for retirement life and for navigating the medical insurance in retirement.  Historic records including the reports to annual conference each year in the reports of Pension Board is administered by this position.  


Jodie Cothen

Disability Benefits Liaison

The Disability Benefits Liaison resources those who are entering the process of applying for Disability Income through the Wespath Financial and Investments.  This position tracks those in this position and provides support to those who are living into this relationship.