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 David Stotts, CPA

Treasurer/Director of Finance & Administration & Conference Benefits Officer

The Treasurer's role in the Administry (Ministry of Administration) of the conference is oversight of the conference financial and administrative work and administration and design of clergy benefits.  This includes providing nimble and adaptive leadership in an accountable and transparent manner so that the conference lives into following the annual conference adopted internal controls and budgets. The work includes interpreting the conference mission shares and budgets, administering as well as remaining compliant with Federal and State law in the benefits plans which include pension and medical insurance, and provide leadership in the conference wide property and casualty insurance program. Resourcing the local church in administration and compliance is done through planning and teaching education events that are taught through out the year. 

 Laura Rollins

Administry Accountant-Receipts

The Administry Accountant-Receipts is responsible for receiving and properly allocating the funds of all of the areas of the conference operation (mission shares, direct invoice, medical premiums and property and casualty premiums). This position assists in the interpretation of the mission shares and in the apportioning of the mission shares. 


Tamara Easter-Young

Administry Accountant-Disbursements

Tamara is responsible for the proper payment of and recording of all disbursements in all funds of the conference business. This includes the accounts payable and payroll operation of the office. This position leads in compliance tracking of budget line items as adopted by the Mississippi Annual Conference.


Bernice Grant

Administry Coordinator

Bernice resources the functions of the  Administry Area and works under the Treasurer/Director of Finance & Administration & Conference Benefits Officer supporting the day to day operation of the Administry Office.



Ed Jones

Internal Auditor

Ed is responsible for the bank reconciliations of the conference accounts. He also reviews the administry business expenses and leads in the annual review of the district financial work.  



Mitchell Hedgepeth

Associate Director of Trustee Matters

Mitchell serves as Deployed staff for Trustee matters under the direction of the Conference Treasurer.  He works with local churches as to parsonage policy implementation, secures property and charge line changes for the annual conference session and works alongside the treasurer with disaffiliating and church closures as related to GC 2019 actions. Mitchell also works with Trustees to develop a safety manual, studies possible solution to cost saving for a conference moving services                                                 office, assists the treasurer in handling the conference trustee held properties  and obtaining an                                                         understanding of the PACT-conference wide insurance program. 



Jackie McGough

Conference Benefits Coordinator

Jackie works under and reports to the Conference Treasurer/Director of Finance and Administration/Conference Benefits Officer. She is responsible for the day to day operations of health, dental, vision, flexible spending and retirement plans.  Jackie provides research and information relative to the compliance and implications of the health and pension programs as well as reviewing the information for improvement.


Andy Ray

Clergy Retiree Benefits Liaison 

Andy serves in a part-time contractual arrangement to provide assistance to the clergy retirees and the surviving spouses. That work is in the preparation for retirement life and for navigating the medical insurance in retirement. Historic records including the reports to annual conference each year in the reports of the pension board is administered by Andy.  







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