Leading in the New Digital Church

posted on March 14

In the article 8 Ways to Lead in the New Digital Default Church, Carey Nieuwhof shares tips on leading in a today’s digital age. He states, “with reduced in-person seating, social distancing, and substantial evidence that not everyone wants to come back to in-person services, digital church appears to be as much a part of the future as it is the present.”

According to a recent poll, “25% of church attenders aren’t sure when they’re coming back to in-person and an additional 30% of respondents indicated that they’d rather worship at home and only return to church when they can be mask-free.” Additionally, even though in-person attendance is likely to struggle in the future, only a portion of the population wants to attend only church online. Many will start worshipping online and will transition to in-person – and that’s why our churches need both virtual and in-person worship.
As we start to get back to our “new” normal, this is an opportunity to redefine what “in-person” ministry means. It’s true that ministry happens best in-person; people need people, relationally and experientially. However, in-person does not need to be in-building. The church is the community and connection. In-person can be and should be in the community, building connections and creating new expressions of church (click here for information for creating a Fresh Expression of church).
Moving forward, a robust digital presence can result in greater growth and deeper engagement. By continuing to invest in a digital future, you’re expanding your mission!
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(Also see The False Debate Between Online and In-Person Church (How to Plan for an Uncertain Future by Carey Nieuwhof)