Lead Like Jesus Encounter Comes to Mississippi

posted on February 27

Imagine leaders who lead like Jesus. Leaders who love those they influence so much that they help them get from the where they are to where God would have them go. Leaders who hold people accountable, encourage them daily, confront challenges and bring authenticity, character, and integrity to every interaction. Leader who want to guide others on the same path. IMAGINE a world full of those leaders.
The LLJ Encounter is a 10-hour facilitated encounter that focuses on developing character of a leader – not just leadership tactics.

Lead Like Jesus showed me and my congregation that Jesus was the most holy, courageous, and moral man who ever lived...but he was also the greatest LEADER who ever lived! LLJ demonstrates the capacity of leadership which we all possess — as long as we lead by Jesus’ example. LLJ crystallized our people in our common charge to follow Jesus, AND to awaken the leader in us all. It was challenging and liberating at the same time. 
Rev. Tom Potter, Pastor,
Louisville First United Methodist Church
Leading Like Jesus Encounter involves the alignment of our Heart, Head, Hands, and Habits. When you choose to allow Jesus to transform you from the inside out, that choice will impact everyone and everything that you encounter. 

Visit the Faith Community Formation Lead Like Jesus webpage for more information.
Want to get started?

Contact Rev. Jason Zebert, Office Manager/Project Coordinator for the Mississippi Conference Faith Community Formation Office, and now Mississippi’s Certified Leadership Development Facilitator for the Lead Like Jesus Encounter at jzebert@mississippi-umc.org or 769-243-7073.