posted on December 11

Be part of the movement that is taking Church to the people - by creating new communities of faith and revitalizing existing churches into vital communities of faith.

Be inspired!

Every church is unique. Every new faith community and church revitalization will look different - growing and developing in new and creative ways - whether in a more traditional way, as a Fresh Expression of church, or as something as unique as your individual community, such as:

  • Satellite or Multi-site Locations
  • Food Pantries
  • Dinner Church
  • Dog Park Fresh Expression
  • Special Needs Small Groups
  • Tattoo Parlour Fresh Expression
  • Mother/Daughter Church
  • Thrift Stores
  • Coffee Shops
  • And are only limited by your imagination!
Below are some current examples of new and revitalizing faith communities. If you are interested in starting something new, contact us:


The Bridge – D'Iberville, MS 
Making the Connection! The Bridge is a community of people sharing a journey to connect to each other and the community as a whole on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. The Bridge is about connecting people to each other and to Jesus. Since its inception in 2016,the Bridge has seen expansion and growth in small groups, youth groups, worship attendance and community outreach. They continue to grow and are on their way to chartering. Want to know more? Look them up at or

The Well – Lewisburg, MS
Do justice, love mercy, drink coffee! The Well comes from a rebirth of Lewisburg UMC. In Old Testament times, the well was a place where all could gather and drink.The Well at Lewisburg also draws people together to share the Water of Life; the new and the old are embraced to share the Good News of Jesus! Since its re-launch in 2016, Lewisburg has seen new life and new growth. They just chartered in January and are considering adding a satellite! Want to know more? Look them up at or


Oxford University UMC – Oxford, MS
We are united! At OU, there is a place for everyone, a feeling of unity and belonging. They believe that God is doing something exciting here, and they want you to be a part of it. They are working to reach and engage millennials and to train up others to engage with new and different groups and cultures. Want to know more? Look them up at