Faith Communities

Our mission is to assist the Mississippi Annual Conference in fulfilling its mission of  “making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”


To work together to lead and assist in the development of vital communities of faith by:

  • revitalization of existing churches
  • new church plants

“Transforming people, transforming churches and transforming communities for the transformation of the world”

In doing so, staff, district superintendents and committees work together to lead and assist in the development of vital communities of faith. This includes:

  1. assisting them in measuring their effectiveness and spiritual development in living into our Core Values so churches can be resourced in the areas needed to become perfected in fulfilling God's calling and
  2. determining where the fields are ripe for the harvest of disciples so that new congregations can be planted.

The Parish and Community Development Ministries has been replaced with the Faith Community Formation committee, chaired by the Rev. Raigan Miskelly. The committees associated with this area include:

  • committee on new church starts
  • committee on revitalization (which includes functions of board of discipleship, commission on small membership church, committee on parish and community development) and 
  • multicultural and racial/ethnic ministry (which includes functions of Hispanic/Latino Ministry and Native American Ministry).

What is Church? 

We often define a church by the type of building it occupies or the style of worship there. Is there more?