Early Response Teams (ERT)

ERTs will be needed in Washington County due to the flooding that has occurred in the area. The exact number of homes and when ERTs would be needed is being determine at this time. There will also be a need for ERTs for demolition of five homes in Morton destroyed by a tornado.

If you would be willing to help with this effort, email Ray Wallace to be placed on the list to be contacted when the dates and locations have been finalized. Please indicate rather you have a team that can go or if you are just individually able to go.

We greatly appreciate you willingness to help if at all possible. Thank you.

Ray Wallace

ERT Coordinator 

Mississippi United Methodist Conference



Guidelines for Teams

1. Trained early response teams (ERT) will be needed first. Wait for further details on staging areas and locations ready to receive assistance.

2. Teams must be self-sufficient. Many areas lack electricity, access to food and drinking water, supplies and gasoline. Once staging areas and housing for teams is known that will be communicated.

3. Bring tarps, tools, etc. for covering homes and supplies and debris removal.

4. Determine whether or not each member of your team has insurance. United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) insurance is secondary to your existing coverage and has a $50 deductible. 

5. Continue to monitor email and the conference website for emerging detail.

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