Discovering the Possibilities

Whether you want to start a new worship service, a new ministry or even to transform an existing faith community, you have to know where your starting point is in order to create a plan to get where you want to go. Discovering the Possibilities is a 5-hour facilitated and consultative process designed to assist church leaders in understanding their current ministry context so they may begin to discern possibilities for their future.

Cost: $34.95

STEP 1: Pre-Workshop (preparation)

  • Data Gathering (church statistics, 1-mile demographic report from MissionInsite, etc.)
  • Participate in the 28 Day Church Challenge
  • Complete a church-wide Readiness 360 Survey

Step 2: Five-Hour Workshop

  • Discover Current Realities: a series of activities to explore the current congregational practices, discipleship system and leadership development
  • Ministry Opportunities: identify mission opportunities and potential for community engagement

Step 3: Post Workshop (reporting findings

  • Facilitator assembles a written report outlining the findings gleaned from the gathered data and the workshop, and provides recommendations for consideration by the congregation's leaders as they seek to live into their ministry potential.