Digital Discipleship

In partnership with your conference offices, we are developing and launching "Digital Discipleship," a well-vetted hub of resources to help you develop a sustainable digital ministry.

The Latest Digital Discipleship Feature is...Connecting College Students


Often college students are one of the most underserved groups in terms of engagement and discipleship in faith communities. That may be due to a congregation not having the volunteer, staff person or resources to create a ministry targeting the needs of this demographic, or the clergy and lay leadership just not knowing where to start.

Rev. Hugh Griffith, campus minister at MSU Wesley Foundation and Katie Heckel, associate campus minister at MSU Wesley Foundation have created a blueprint for connecting college students as a resource to aid your Digital Discipleship. This blueprint for college students is easily adaptable to your church’s size, culture and context.

Click to download a full color or black and white version of the accompanying connecting college students blueprint.

Digital Discipleship will feature resources that will:

  1. be focused and concise 
  2. meet you where you are regardless of your digital capabilities
  3. be relevant and led by familiar faces from around our Mississippi connection

Resources from Digital Discipleship will focus on:

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