Mississippi Conference Delegation

During the time prior to the General Conference and following election, the entire delegation will meet many times to review and educate themselves regarding issues facing The United Methodist Church. This will involve significant study and preparation along with commitment to meet as a delegation. In this manner, the perspective of the Mississippi Annual Conference is best represented. At General Conference, the delegates will meet in committees and as an entire body. The alternates will fill in as designated by the leader of the delegation. At Jurisdictional Conference, the body meets and conducts its business primarily through plenary sessions with the election of bishops.     

New General Conference dates announced: Sunday, August, 29-Tuesday, September, 6 2022.


                              General Conference Delegates                       

Fred Britton clergy
Mattie Gipson Clergy – retired
Stephen Sparks clergy
Zach Beasley clergy
Mitchell Hedgepeth clergy
David Stotts lay
David Beckley lay
Latoya Redd-Thompson lay
Anne Harrington lay
*Jim Ainsworth lay


Delegates are listed in the order that they were elected. The first two delegates elected for Southeastern Jurisdiction Conference are automatically alternates for General Conference delegates and travel to General Conference. 

*Due to the death of Turner Arant, Jim Ainsworth moved up from alternate to delegate for the 2020 General Conference delegation.


Southeastern Jurisdictional (SEJ) Conference Delegates

Connie Shelton clergy
Leanne Burris clergy
John Branning clergy
Amy Daniels clergy
Embra Jackson clergy
Connie Walters lay
Jaci Murden lay
Jan Hitt lay
Steve McAlilly lay
Ann LaSalle lay
Karie Sue McCaleb clergy - alternate
Fitzgerald Lovett clergy - alternate
Stephen Cook clergy - alternate
Kathleen Smith lay - alternate
Tywanda Foster lay - alternate



General Conference Delegates and Legislative Committees Assignments

Delegate Committee Committee Number
Fred Britton Conferences 4
David Stotts Financial Administration 7
Mattie Gipson Ordained Ministry 14
David Beckley Higher Ed./Superintendency 10
Stephen Sparks Judicial Administration 12
LaToya Redd-Thompson Discipleship  5
Zach Beasley General Administration 8
Anne Harrington Local Church 13
Mitchell Hedgepeth  Faith and Order 6
Jim Ainsworth *Church and Society 2 2


General Conference Alternate and Legislative Committee

While alternate delegates are not assigned to legislative committees, we have asked our alternate delegates (listed below) to study the legislation and monitor the work to the following legislative committees.

Delegate Committee Committee Number
Connie Shelton Global Ministries 9

Connie Walters

*Church and Society 1 1
Leanne Burris *Church and Society 3 3
Jaci Murden Independent Commissions 11

*There are three groups that look at matters of church and society.

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