Continuing Education


Approved Events

Ordination Preparation Event – Duke Full Connection Seminar

Church of the Resurrection Leadership Institute

Alban Institute Learning Eventsneeds an updated link before publishing!!!

Intentional Growth Center event (Lake Junaluska)

Stewardship in the African American Church-needs an updated link before publishing!!!

Educational Opportunities Trips – Wesleyan and Biblically Based trips

World Methodist Evangelism Institute

Youth Specialities’ National Youthworkers Convention

Residents may also receive credit for annual continuing education events at United Methodist Seminaries (other than the one they attended) — for example, Duke Convocation, Candler Fall Conference, etc.

Approval for other continuing education events may be requested prior to attending the event. Approved continuing education events should stretch the resident beyond the current appointment. Criteria for “out of context” experiences include:

  • International educational travel
  • Events that focus on ministry in a context different than the resident’s current appointment (i.e. small church, large church, ethnic identity, urban, rural)

Requests for approval of a continuing education event not listed above should be submitted by January 31 or July 31 prior to the event. The application should be submitted to the Office of Ministerial Services at

Upon completion of each continuing education experience, a certificate of completion should be submitted to the office of ministerial services.

Scholarships for Continuing Education

Residents in ministry are expected to use personal/church continuing education funds to attend continuing education events. The Residents In Ministry Council will provide partial scholarships (up to 75% or no more than $1000) to residents who demonstrate financial need. Applications will be reviewed in February and August of each year.

Applications should be submitted to the office of ministerial services ( by January 31 or July 31 of each year for consideration.

  • Funds are for continuing education requirements beyond the conference
  • Residents are responsible for a minimum of 25% of the cost of the continuing education event.
  • Residents must demonstrate financial need to receive funds.
  • Maximum scholarship per resident is $1,000.
  • One grant per resident per conference year.

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