Regional Office Director (Society of St. Andrew)


Title: Job Opening: Regional Office Director Report to: Regional Office Director, Mississippi (Jackson) Basic Functions: Operations Director and Development Director Fundraising, Public Relations, Management, Program Oversight Starting Salary: $42,000 Starting Date: August 1, 2020 Application Info: Email Resume (Word or PDF) to Lynette Johnson, Executive Director, at

The Society of St. Andrew, an established faith-based 501 (C)(3) nonprofit organization with national reach and a $3.0 million annual operating budget, seeks dynamic, organized individual to lead the organization’s operations in Mississippi. The Regional Office Director will, with the help of a small staff, continue to expand a statewide gleaning network—connecting farmers and produce packing houses, volunteers, feeding agencies, and funders—to share fresh, but unmarketable fruits and vegetables with people in greatest need throughout Mississippi. In 2020, this work is expected to yield 2.4 million pounds (7.2 million servings) of nourishing food, reaching every county in the state.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Initiate and carryout annual fundraising efforts within the region to meet annual income budget

  2. Work with supervisor and SoSA national development staff in establishing and meeting goals

  3. Establish and execute approved office annual income and expense budgets ($200K-$240K)

  4. Conduct appropriate fundraising activities related to all funding sources (Churches,

    Individuals, Corporations and Foundations)

  5. Use Donor Management database efficiently for most effective donor recordkeeping and


  6. Provide regular required reports to Development Director and to SoSA national accounting

    and database staff

Public Relations

  1. Represent and serve as the face of SoSA for all programs within the region

  2. Represent SoSA in a wide variety of public and private forums

  3. Conduct Public Relations efforts for SoSA within the region

  4. Coordinate and cooperate with organizations and agencies working in the food

    recovery/distribution space, to ensure that food is shared most efficiently and that the most

    people in the greatest need receive the greatest possible amount of nourishing food

  5. Pitch regional activities/stories to media statewide

  6. Use social media to promote SoSA’s mission and activities within the region

Reports to:
Basic Functions: Starting Salary: Starting Date: Application Info:


Andrew, an established faith-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with

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National Office: 3383 Sweet Hollow Road • Big Island, Virginia 24526 • 800-333-4597 •


  1. Manage office operations

  2. Follow all SoSA policies, rules, and guidelines and ensure that regional staff do so as well.

  3. Coordinate Regional Operations with SoSA National Office Staff

  4. Oversee region-level financial records and bank account.

  5. Provide required reports and other information to SoSA national office

  6. Maintain close communications/coordination with SoSA national staff

  7. Participate in regular national staff meetings by phone

Program Oversight

  1. Supervise regional Program Coordinator conducting statewide gleaning efforts

  2. Keep regional goals front and center with Program Coordinator and seasonal staff, to ensure

    best progress

  3. Oversee program execution in region, ensuring that a data-driven approach to SoSA’s

    produce recovery and distribution model is followed in setting up and expanding the

    statewide gleaning network.

  4. Identify key areas of need in the state, and work with Program Coordinator to see that fresh

    produce is distributed geographically according to need.

  5. Ensure gleaning and distribution information is recorded accurately and in a timely way by

    Program Coordinator; review data regularly for compliance and progress

  6. Assist in identifying large volume produce donors and receivers and coordinate with Potato

    & Produce Project Director at SoSA national office

  7. Promote and promulgate SoSA’s national programs within the region

  8. Recruit church groups to attend Harvest of Hope program and coordinate with the Harvest of

    Hope Director when an event is held in the region

Other Duties

As may from time to time be necessary or assigned
Education, Skill, and Physical Labor Expectations

  •   Goal-directed self-starter mentality, with strong work ethic

  •   Collegial style

  •   Ability to work efficiently and effectively with minimal supervision, while achieving

    organization and region’s goals and objectives

  •   Good management and supervisory skills

  •   Maturity

  •   Flexibility

  •   Excellent oral and written communication skills

  •   Conversant with Christian faith language and texts; comfortable speaking in churches/faith


  •   Extremely proficient in computer use; comfortable learning new computer programs

  •   College degree preferred

  •   Willing to learn new skills and grow in the role

  •   Able to lift up to 25 pounds occasionally, when assisting Program Coordinator with gleaning

    events or when hauling displays/materials to tabling or workshop events


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Successful education and employment records and reference checks will be required prior to any job offer being extended. A national criminal background check (at SoSA’s expense and initiation) will be required upon hire. Employment with the Society of St. Andrew is at-will.

Work Hours and Conditions

The Mississippi office is based in a church building in Jackson. This is considered the primary work location, and Regional Director’s regular work hours will be Monday–Friday, either 8:00am-4:00pm or 8:30am-4:30pm Central time (to be set in consultation with Operations Director). Some weekend and evening work may be required for speaking engagements and support with program activities.

All necessary office equipment, furnishings, and supplies will be provided. SoSA has a reimbursement policy covering use of personal vehicles for work-related travel.


After 60 days, this position is eligible for Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance coverage. SoSA pays 80% of individual or family premiums for the lowest cost of several available health care options and provides assistance toward medical expenses through a contribution to a Health Savings Account for the employee. Short- and long-term disability coverage is provided at no cost to the employee.

In January or July after one full year of employment, this position is eligible for 401K enrollment. SoSA puts in 5% of salary and matches up to an additional 4% employee contribution.

Sick leave and vacation accrue from the first day of employment at a rate of 8 hours per month each. There are 11 paid holidays annually.

Contact: Lynette Johnson, Executive Director


320 Briarwood Drive
Jackson, MS 39206
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