Director of Student Ministries First UMC of Mountain Home (Mountain Home, AR)


GENERAL: It is not intended that the duties, tasks, and responsibilities described herein shall be so detailed as to be all inclusive, nor to be exclusive of other requirements which may occur. Absences of other staff may require temporary redistribution of tasks. The Director of Student Ministries is directly responsible to, and under the supervision of the Senior Pastor.
HOURS OF WORK: This is a full-time, salaried position. It is the expectation of the SPRC that a minimum of 40 hours a week be spent attending to the duties of this job. It is understood that the duties of this job include Sunday morning, Wednesday evening, and some of the tasks may take place both on and off campus.


  1. Oversees the Student (youth) Ministry at First United Methodist Church of Mountain Home, provides leadership and functions as the primary staff person for Student Ministries
  2. Provides weekly programs, Bible studies and other discipleship opportunities
  3. Builds relationships with students and families which may come in the form of mission opportunities, retreats, school lunches, or other special events
  4. Enlists, trains, resources and encourages adult leadership for student ministry events (recruitment and training are an essential part of this position)
  5. Encourages and motivates students in a growing commitment and connection to the body of Christ and expanding contribution to the mission of Christ
  6. Helps parents be involved in the spiritual formation of their student’s life
  7. Makes decisions on the most effective programs to impact students
  8. Prepares, recommends, and maintains an operating budget for the student ministry program
 General Duties:
  1. Prepare and implement all activities and programing for students grades 6th through 12th
  2. Coordinate Confirmation classes with Senior Pastor
  3. Build and maintain good relationships with students and their parents/guardians
  4. Identify, equip, oversee a team of chaperones, bus drivers and volunteers for all aspects of student ministries
  5. Serve on the Safe Sanctuary board and review policy with team yearly for additions or corrections
  6. Ensure volunteers are background checked and certified
  7. Develop and encourage spiritual growth in all students, meeting and loving them where they are and helping them share their God given gifts
  8. Challenge students to respond to God’s call in their community
  9. Select or write and implement appropriate and relevant curriculum
  10. Co-plan Wednesday night student ministry activities with staff
  11. Develop a Youth Council and serve as its coordinator
  12. Coordinate with Director of Communications to promote and advertise keeping with brand and style guidelines
  13. Add planned events/programs to church calendar
  14. Travel when necessary (this may include local, state, national and international travel by car, bus, or airplane)
  15. Maintain a good relationship, providing encouragement, direction and supervision to students and volunteers, and support to parents and families
  1. When possible, attend community events that involve our students
  2. Identify and disciple students who show signs of, or ready to take leadership roles at the local, district, and conference levels
  3. Supervise college interns, providing training and encouragement
  4. Be in connection with all district and conference level events and networks
  5. Coordinate and manage both College scholarships and event scholarships for those in need
  6. Keep records of all event participation and documentation for vital signs/charge conference
  7. Maintain Facebook, Instagram, and Youth page on website and encourage students and families to follow
  8. Carry out other duties as given by Senior Pastor
  1. Attend church staff meetings, Administrative Board Meetings, Youth Council, and other meetings as requested by the pastor
  2. Provide up-to-date information about ministry to staff
  3. Communicate consistently and effectively with students, parents/guardians, guests, and staff regarding programming, activities, and events
  4. Prepare articles about students and activities for newsletter
  5. Understand and utilize church calendars and other software
  6. Keep social media up to date as a communication platform
Projects, Trips & Special Events 
  1. Plan and execute trips and mission projects, including but not limited to Ozark Mission Project, Veritas, Refuge, and Assembly (this may be local, state, national or international)
  2. Encourage students and families to participate in all facets of the life of the church, including worship, choir, trips, projects, annual special events such as VBS and Chili Cook Off.
  3. Coordinate with Children’s Director to enlist students to assist in annual special events
Sunday School and Wednesday Night Activities (Grade 6 – 12): 
  1. Order curriculum/ materials and maintain all supplies for all classrooms
  2. Recruit and assist in training teachers, substitute teachers, bus drivers, and volunteers for student ministries programs
  3. Check each classroom to see that teacher is present, and if she/he is not, find a substitute
  4. Work to increase attendance
  5. Work with Church Administrator to follow up with first time guests
  6. Help classes create follow up plans to be in touch with their members who are absent
  7. Ensure students are properly checked in and out
Youth Worship 
  1. Work with Children’s Director to encourage and provide Acolytes for worship
  2. Serve on a Creative Worship Team that prepares for Sunday morning services
  3. Work with pastor and staff to coordinate students’ participation in worship.

1. Responsible for planning, reporting, and maintaining the Student Ministries expenditures for the year


  1. Must have the ability to demonstrate and articulate a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  2. Should understand and be comfortable with Wesleyan Theology
  3. Strong team player with the rest of the staff and congregation
  4. Ability to be flexible and think creatively
  5. Must maintain a lifestyle that is regarded as morally acceptable by the United Methodist Book of Discipline
  6. Must understand and implement the Church Safe Sanctuary and other policies
  7. Must consent to a complete background check
  8. Understand the importance of confidentiality and professional discernment
  9. Must have the ability to connect and communicate with students of various backgrounds
  10. Minimum High school diploma/GED, but some college is preferred
  11. 1-3 years Student Ministry related experience or equivalent combination of education and experience is preferred
  12. Understand and utilize church calendars and software
  13. Must be able to lift to 25 pounds

I have read and do understand the above job description and will follow its guidelines in my employment with First United Methodist Church of Mountain Home.

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