Director of Child Care


First United Methodist Church of West Point seeks a Full-Time Director of Child Development Center.  Applicants meeting all state licensing requirements are encouraged to inquire.  Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education preferred.  Contact (662) 494-1658 or

The Child Care Director is responsible for all aspects of the day to day operations of the preschool programs, as well as before and after school care for school age children and summer care.  These duties include child enrollment processes, scheduling, curriculum and staff development, classroom management, tuition payments, and budgetary management, all while demonstrating a commitment to our mission statement.

Mission Statement:
The Child Development Center recognizes each child as a child of God, and carries a commitment to help enable persons to live life in the fullness that Jesus proclaimed.  Through the ministry of the CDC, we extend this nurturing ministry of the church to children, families, and the community.

The Board of Directors, comprised of 9 elected members determine the policies of the CDC, and is responsible that its program remain faithful to its mission.

The CDC is part of the ministry of the First United Methodist Church, West Point, Ms. It is a qualified non-profit organization as defined by current state and federal tax regulations, is licensed by the State of Mississippi, and is regularly inspected.  It is intended that the CDC will be self-funded.

The Board of Directors will review the performance of the Director annually.
Job Functions:

  • Demonstrates commitment to mission, values, and policies in the performance of daily duties
  • Follows all required guidelines laid out by the Ms. State Department of Health Child Care Licensure and Regulation
  • Keep current and accurate records that conform to program
  • Fulfill the role as reporter/spokesperson for the CDC to the FUMC Child Development Centers Board
  • Oversees the CDC’s tuition payments accurately.
  • Leads a team of teachers and staff in the establishment and operation of a quality Christian preschool, including day to day operations and special events.
  • Complete enrollment processes to ensure that children are enrolled efficiently, acclimated smoothly into their classrooms, and monitored to ensure their success.
  • Function as primary contact person for parents/guardians on all matters pertaining to their preschool experience.
  • Lead the creative use and proactive upkeep of children’s ministry facilities and grounds.
  • Manage operation within the confines of the annual approved budget, ensuring needs are met, and enrollment targets are realized.
  • Compile and present required monthly reports to the CDC Board
  • Implement classroom management processes to ensure a safe, secure and orderly preschool environment is maintained at all times.
  • CDC Director should be in attendance at the CDC a minimum of 40 hours per week during business hours.
  • Regular office hours should be kept with either the Director or Assistant Director available for parent and staff communication. Office Hours: 7:30 am-5:30 pm.
  • Scheduling:
  1. A finalized schedule will be typed and posted by close of business day Monday for the following week. Example, Monday June 30, post by 6 PM the schedule for the week of July 7-11.
  2. The weekly schedule will be typed in an easy to read format
  3. Scheduling shall be arranged to eliminate excess personnel, and each employee should know based on the posted schedule, what his or her duty location is.
  4. The schedules for the Director and Assistant Director will be included in the weekly posted schedule.
  • The Director will demonstrate appropriate hiring and firing practices with documentation and Board approval.Any issues with staff should be brought to the attention of the Board as they occur.
Child Care Qualifications:  A Child Care Director will be at least 21 years of age and shall have at a minimum:

A bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, child development, elementary education, child care, special education, psychology (with emphasis on child psychology), or family or consumer sciences (with emphasis on child development), or equivalent degree from another child related field or course of study.
A two-year associate degree from an accredited community college or junior college in child development technology which must include a minimum of 480 hours of practical training, supervised by college instructors, in a college operated child care learning laboratory.
A two-year associate degree from an accredited community or junior college in child development technology or child care and two years of paid experience in a licensed child care facility.
Two years paid experience as a caregiver in a licensed child care facility, and either (1) a current Child Development Associate (CDA) credential from the Council for Early Childhood Professional Recognition (CECPR), or, (2) a Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) Office for Children and Youth (OCY)Director’s Child Care Credential, or (3) 24 semester hours credit with a grade of “C” or better from an accredited college or university in courses specific to early childhood.
A verified certificate from the licensing agency certifying that the individual was qualified to be the director of a licensed child care facility prior to January 1, 2000 in the State of Mississippi.
Our program strives to direct attention to the Christian faith through value education—love, faith, hope, caring, sharing, forgiving, cooperation and appreciation.  The primary goal is to provide an environment where each child has opportunities to develop a sense of self- worth and his/her own unique gifts as a child of God.              

Contact: Rev. Darian Duckworth

Phone: (662) 494-1658