Day 25 - Pauses for Lent - Way



“I am the way…” John 14:6
If you ask me how to get to the nearest McDonalds in the area where I live, I can show you the way to get there. If you ask me how to start a vehicle I can show you the way to start it. But all I can do is show you the way. Jesus did not come just to show us a way into the Kingdom. Jesus came and said “I am the way.”
That is quite a statement. Jesus did not say “I will show you the way”, in John 14:6. Jesus did not “I am one of the ways.” Jesus said “I am the way”. That is significant. The “way” that Jesus is talking about is a path to a destination for sure, but it is more than that. The “way” that Jesus is talking about is eternal life. As the author of Pauses for Lent says some of the earliest followers of Jesus called themselves “people of the way”. As we move through this season of Lent would we be considered “people of the way”? Does our expression of love and devotion for Jesus give evidence that we are on the journey to a destination that can only be reached in Jesus?
The season of Lent speaks to us of sacrifice for the Kingdom of God. That same Jesus who said “I am the way”, also said, ‘take up your cross and follow me.” Jesus is on His way to the Cross so that I might have what I could never gain for myself, life everlasting. Jesus is the only way to get to the destination Jesus calls us too. May each day of our life be evidence that we are “people of the way”.  Amen.
Rickey Haynes, District Superintendent, Senatobia District

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