Day 24 - Pauses for Lent - But


Pauses for Lent: but

“Everyone who believes in Him may not perish but may have eternal life.” John 3:16
but….a tiny word really, useful primarily as a conjunction.

I’m wondering how many of you remember Schoolhouse Rock and the segment called “Conjunction Junction.” It was a cute cartoon series on Saturday mornings aimed at teaching children quick grammar lessons. To view it click here.

but along with and and or are the words that connect words and phrases and clauses.

but—a tiny word used to introduce a contradictory statement or to indicate the impossibility of anything other than what is being stated.

There was a shepherd who had 99 sheep, but he went in search of the 1.

There was a woman with 10 silver coins, but she searched the house to find the 1.

There was a man with 2 sons who lost 1, but he never gave up hope on that 1.

There was a nation who abandoned their faith, but a sovereign restored them to their homeland.

There was you. There was me. And, there was no way we could find our way home, but He made a way. He restored our lives. He never gave up hope. He searched until he found us.

But—a tiny word, but a world of difference. A life of hope and joy and peace. All because God chose but to indicate a contradictory phrase, an impossibility.

Gee, He sets the bar high…..again. As I move through Lent, I am reminded to share this good news, this gospel, so that ‘Everyone who believes in Him may not perish but may have eternal life.’

Prayer: God, give me grace to ‘so love the world.’ Then, give me courage and strength to be frustrated with other people but to love them anyway. Amen.

Darlene Dotherow, District Lay Leader, East Jackson District

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